Operation & Maintenance of Facilities

Proton United Group has the expertise to operate and maintain oil & gas facility and equipment for Pumping Stations, Reservoirs, Oil & Gas rotating machinery and steam generation system.


Some of the major services carried out include:


Detailed planning and programming of all preventive, predictive and routine maintenance works using specifically designed software and data collection hardware.


Planning of all process operations and automation.


  • Managing and handling all emergency and breakdown repairs and maintenance activities


  • Managing and training staff in all aspects of process operations, automation and biological and chemical safety.


  • Managing, procuring and storage of all required spares and replacement parts.


  • Managing, adjusting and optimizing the mechanical, biological and chemical process requirements to ensure the best possible operational parameters are achieved at all times.


  • Routinely analyzing the load and the requirement of various modules of the plant to assess the need for up grading of process equipment, piping, electrical and controls systems.


  • Regular balancing, calibration and repairing of motors, pumps, impellers, gland packing, rotors, bearings, shafts, instrumentation and sensors etc.


  • Operating process facility


  • Machinery alignment


  • Machinery epoxy grouting


  • Sulfur Recovery Unit handling


  • Steam Generation Handling


  • Amine System Handling


  • Propane Gas System handling

Operation & Maintenance of Facilities